This is simply a list of resources that I use or have used for inspiration, to help me build my blog, small online business, knitting, crochet, parenting, faith…just about anything that I have found to be valuable as a life-long learner! I’ll be posting them here so they might help you, too (because- share the love, baby, yeah)! #communityovercompetition -Yes, I just used a useless hashtag.

  • Number ONE! Pinterest Because…hello…where have you been all my life?
  • Free inspirational, educational talks- get those wheels turning
  • Lots of information on knitting and crochet, plus free tutorials and patterns.
  • New Stitch A Day – learn tons of new knit and crochet stitches and techniques with these clear and concise videos.
  • Ravelry Huge community of knitters and crocheters. Membership is free, tons of patterns, free or for sale. Find pattern testers, forums and much more! Wonderful site.
  • Photoscape I use this free software to edit my photos beyond what my mac can do. I find that it balances out my Mac software really well.
  • The Kitchn – Because they are teaching me how to cook and bake like a pro (because I’m so NOT!)

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