Here you’ll find tips, tutorials, and patterns for crochet, my works-in-progress and finished items before I put them in my Etsy shop (because I get so excited I just have to share!). Sometimes, I am looking for pattern testers! If you are interested in getting free patterns and are interested in becoming a pattern tester, please message me!

Most of my patterns will be for beginner-intermediate skill levels, however, even the most advanced crocheter needs to be reminded of a few things from time to time (myself included). For example, when you can’t remember how you did that one thing…like last year…like…

Single Crochet Invisible Color Change

I haven’t lived long enough to consider myself an expert on anything, but I would like to share my toolsand tricks with you as I create or discover them!

What is your biggest frustration with crochet? What is one thing you would like to fix?Leave a comment below!

Tips, Tricks & Tutorials!

Tips for making the Very Hungry Caterpilar, 3-6 month size at

Tips for making the Very Hungry Caterpillar Hat

The ARIZONA Scarf - Free Pattern

The ARIZONA Scarf – Free Crochet Pattern

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