Work-in-Progress Wednesday (and Top 5 Missed WIP’s)

HI! It’s me. I’m stilllll here. You know, the stay-at-home mama/ etsy-preneur and sometimes-blogger? Yeah, that’s me. Sometimes-blogger. Since I pretty much ran out of my small stock of items in my Etsy shop, and constantly had custom order requests, my fingers were pretty tied up in string, hooks and needles for a few months. Aaand somehow I fit in cooking dinner, grocery shopping, church, two-year-old birthday party planning,


(yes, she ate THAT much cake!)

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Reality of Work-From-Home Mom's Workspace

My ETSY Workspace & W-I-P Wednesday

Welcome to another Work-In-Progress Wednesday, with an added glimpse into my Etsy workspace.

I love to look at workspace photos when Etsy shops are featured. They always look so beautiful and organized. I’ll have to admit I envy them, just a tad little bit. Then I laugh. I congratulate them on their successes, while my one-year-old starts climbing on me, and I set aside my knitting.

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