Work-in-Progress Wednesday (and Top 5 Missed WIP’s)

HI! It’s me. I’m stilllll here. You know, the stay-at-home mama/ etsy-preneur and sometimes-blogger? Yeah, that’s me. Sometimes-blogger. Since I pretty much ran out of my small stock of items in my Etsy shop, and constantly had custom order requests, my fingers were pretty tied up in string, hooks and needles for a few months. Aaand somehow I fit in cooking dinner, grocery shopping, church, two-year-old birthday party planning,


(yes, she ate THAT much cake!)

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W-I-P Wednesday: Hudson Bay With a Side of Chevrons + Free Pattern?!

I am usually so busy making made-to-order items for my Etsy shop, that I don’t have a lot of time to design new items- which is my favorite thing to do! So, during the busy sales/shopping season, I can get kind of bogged down from making the same item over and over…and…over…again.

Lion Brand’s Thick & Quick Yarn to the rescue! I whipped these babies up in no time, and have a cute new item to list in the Etsy shop today! YAY!

Songbyrdy - Chunky & Cozy Hudson Bay Mitts

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Work-In-Progress Wednesday: Take A Guess!

I would like to start doing little Mini-Posts/ Micro-blogging on Wednesdays 🙂 I’d like to publish longer posts once a week, but keep you interested with little tidbits in between the big posts, thus, we now have Work-In-Progress Wednesday! I would like to share with you some of the projects or shop orders that I’m working on, and if you’re a creative of some kind, feel free to share what you’re working on, as well!

So, on to my current work-in-progress…well, I should say WORKS-in-progress…but knitters never reveal how many projects they haven’t finished…right?! Well, maybe they do, but I really don’t feel like digging them all out right now, for fear of a huge mess and a small amount of shame! HA!

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