Will you open your door

Or will you cling to your pistol?

Have you felt their pangs of hunger?

Did you eat dessert tonight?

Have you eyes and blood and empathy for your fellow man?

Beyond concrete and utter physical starvation

There is the invisible, yet felt

Starvation of kindness, grace, and humanity.

A world away,

Trapped in war,

Hunger closes in.

The starving mother wills her body to nurse her baby,

sacrificing her last nutrient.

We turn away

Our eyes

To pettiness.

To excuses

That our own are starving, too;

Our own are dying,


By and by, we speak,

but do not move.

Trapped in ourselves,

We fear FEAR itself,

And shut our golden door.



If their weapons be fear and hate, let our weapons be courage and love.


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