Tips for making the Very Hungry Caterpilar, 3-6 month size at

Work-In-Progress Wednesday (& One Finished!)

First, the finished item, because it’s so adorable! I was so excited to see this on her little babe!

(Missed the last post? Here’s the quick story: Work-In-Progress Wednesday: Take A Guess!)

Based on the children’s book:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Hat:

Tips for making the Very Hungry Caterpillar Hat, 3-6 month size at

I made a 3-6 month size (16 in. head circumference). I did not write down an exact pattern, as I was making this up, all at the last minute, using yarn I had on hand & didn’t have time to make it perfect! AND By last minute, I mean, I finished 10 minutes before my friend came to pick it up on her way to a Halloween party! Phew! Cue: Wiping sweat off forehead.

For the body of the caterpillar, she swaddled her babe in a green blanket.

Here are just some suggestions if you are (like me) looking for tips to make your own. For anyone attempting to make this, here’s (roughly) what I did:

  • I cast on 80 stitches onto size 8 (5 mm) circular needles (you could also use double pointed needles, but I find them more finicky) & joined to make a round. I used 29 in. length to use a magic loop method, since the hat was so small, & I didn’t feel like transferring the hat onto DPNs until I absolutely had to.
  • I then made 9 rounds of 1×1 ribbing,
  • Knit rounds 10-25
  • Decreased every other round by K2Tog, spread out evenly over the stitches.
  • I crocheted eyes by using single crochet and slip stitches and gradually shaped them as I went, in a sort of free-form. I did something similar for the nose, by chaining 3, then joining in a round and crocheting around the outside of the chain.
  • I then crocheted the antennae by chaining 10 at the base, then single crocheted around to form a tube, after a few inches, I increased every other round for 4 rounds, then decrease every other round until the top was too small to fit my hook through.I then stuffed the antennae tubes with leftover scrap yarn, and sewed all of the appliques onto the hat.

Tips for making the Very Hungry Caterpillar Hat, 3-6 month size at

If you would like to knit a basic baby hat &/or customize the size of one, here is a free pattern from with wonderful tips on customizing, & how-to videos. This pattern is similar to what I did for the hat portion.

Easy & Basic Baby Hat – Free Knitting Pattern

If you’d rather crochet, there is a cute & free pattern for a crochet version (on a wonderful blog):

Free Crochet Pattern 6-12 Months

Now on to my current work-in-progress! 

I’m currently finishing up two Etsy orders of these lovely fingerless mittens!

Jammin' Fingerless Mittens

I’m thinking of making a FREE pattern for these, since they have a clean, simple design.

What do you think?

Do you know anyone that might be interested in a FREE knitting pattern? 😉

3 thoughts on “Work-In-Progress Wednesday (& One Finished!)

  1. erinleigha says:

    That is adorable! I just picked up my daughter a Hungry Little Caterpillar onesie. I’ll have to wip it up the crochet version. Thank for sharing. Pinning it immediately! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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