Awesome Tip for Keeping Your Chicken From Drying Out in the Oven!

Amazing Baked Chicken Breast! Do You Know The Secret?

I do not consider myself a wiz in the kitchen by any means, but I’m going to toot my own horn and pat myself on the back, because yesterday, I finally succeeded in making baked chicken that didn’t come out dry! Not only was it NOT dry, but also it was fully cooked, extremely juicy, tender, moist, and full of flavor!

How to Get Tender, Moist, Oven-Baked Chicken Breasts, Every Time! Juicy Oven-Baked Chicken

What’s the secret?

I am normally a crock-pot woman. As a stay-at-home-mom, it’s just my go-to, so I can throw everything together, and forget about it until dinner time, while I educate my toddler on the finer things in life (like “where’s your belly button?”) and work on Etsy orders. However, I am easily distracted, and being the ditz that I sometimes am…I turned on the crockpot, but forgot to put the chicken in it.


By the time I realized it, of course, it was too late!

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I’ve Been Nominated! Wait…What Is A Liebster Award?! + 10 Questions

Liebster Award

The Liebster Award was created to recognize & discover quality ‘new’ blogs or bloggers with smaller followings & welcome them to the blogosphere.

Some bloggers do not choose to acknowledge this and view it as ‘chain-mail’, or extra work. While I have never been a fan of chain mail, this to me seems more like a nice gesture & more of a pay-it-forward kind of action. It is also a very nice compliment to receive! Yay for the glass being half-full.

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Work-In-Progress Wednesday: Take A Guess!

I would like to start doing little Mini-Posts/ Micro-blogging on Wednesdays 🙂 I’d like to publish longer posts once a week, but keep you interested with little tidbits in between the big posts, thus, we now have Work-In-Progress Wednesday! I would like to share with you some of the projects or shop orders that I’m working on, and if you’re a creative of some kind, feel free to share what you’re working on, as well!

So, on to my current work-in-progress…well, I should say WORKS-in-progress…but knitters never reveal how many projects they haven’t finished…right?! Well, maybe they do, but I really don’t feel like digging them all out right now, for fear of a huge mess and a small amount of shame! HA!

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"Go forth and set the world on fire." - St. Ignatius

Adventures In Vulnerability Part 2: What Is Stewardship?

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be standing in front of a congregation at a Catholic church, giving witness on stewardship, of all things! I didn’t even grow up going to church, and at one point in my life, I questioned whether or not I believed in God. I was content with my clever thinking and simplistic ideology that I could spout off if someone asked me what I believed. I would say that “I’m content with whatever is true, whether there is a God or isn’t a God, because whatever is true has always been true and will always be true, and I have no control over it.” I was also another person who looked at all the turmoil in the world caused by religion and became very apathetic to it all.

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Who Am I? + My Etsy Shop Story


“Whooooooooooooo are you? Who, Who, Who, Who?”

-The Who

The word “who” looks funny when you type it that many times. Or maybe that’s just me?

I look funny.



You might wonder since you are going to be reading this blog. Am I a crazy-cat-lady knitter? Sadly, no cats or animals of any kind here. Unless you count my 18-month-old. 😉 Just kidding.

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Whittney Perez, Owner of

What’s This Blog About ANYWAY?! | New Adventures in Vulnerability…


Cheers! Salud! Hip-hip hooray! 🎉

Where’s the person with the gigantic pair of scissors to cut the tape?!?!

Hi! I’m Whittney Perez, and today marks the first day of the Songbyrdy blog/website! And I am so glad YOU are here to help me celebrate! So, I suppose since you are here, and somehow you made it to MY blog in the whole internet universe of blogs, YOU might be wondering who the heck I am and what this blog is going to be about. Come join me, while I attempt to figure it out (here’s where you pause to grab a glass of wine, or a coffee; don’t worry, I’ll wait).

You may have noticed the quote at the top of the page:

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